I am available for speaking engagements.

Do not hesitate to contact me regarding presentations for animators and animation students. My demonstrations focus on insight into the animation industry; career strategies, portfolio development; creating an online presence; improving character animation and performance driven work, and other similar topics/workshops that offer advice in the field of animation production. I’ve given presentations and Q&A sessions for high school classes, animation courses, trade shows and conventions and online and brick and mortar and filmmaking programs in various colleges.


Member of Advisory Board at LA Film School, LA, CA, Jan, 2006-09
Speaker at Gnomon – Career Strategies, LA, CA, July, 2006
Speaker at Disney Features – Bridging the Gap, LA, CA,  June, 2006
Author of Thinking Animation, LA, CA, June, 2006
Speaker at Comicon – Creating Believable Characters, SD, CA, March 2003
Speaker at LA Siggraph Chapter – Panel Job Survival, LA, CA, February, 2003
Speaker at VES – Your Career Support Team, LA, CA, July, 2002
Instructor at Dhima Institute – Char Animation, LA, CA, February, 2000
Author of the 3D Studio Max R3 Animation Book, LA, CA, March, 1999
Speaker at GDC – Facial Systems, San Francisco, CA, June, 1998
Co-author Inside 3D Studio Max R2 Vol. III, LA, CA, May, 1998