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Many people ask me, “Where did Spicy Cricket come from?” The answer lies on the island of Morita, just off the coast of Costa Rica. Spicy Cricket’s father, Sergio Saltamonte, was the best dancer in all of Costa Rica. Spicy rehearsed with his father every day. He would watch as his father taught the royal court of Morita how to dance. This was when Princess Mariposa caught his eye. Spicy Cricket was smitten. The King of Morita recognized this infatuation and intended to end it as quickly as it started. Knowing that Spicy’s father was quite the lothario, he imagined Spicy was no different and besides, Spicy Cricket was not a royal. King Pedro Polilla placed a sentence of exile upon Spicy Cricket and banned him from the island of Morita.

“The women on Spicy’s Pacific island weep for his return. He was banished because no woman could resist his charms. However, only one woman holds his heart and he will return to the island to win hers.”

The Legend of Spicy Cricket is a famous tale from the island of Morita. Spicy followed in his father’s footsteps as the best dancer in all of Costa Rica. He performed for Kings and Queens on all of the neighboring islands. King Pedro Polilla banished Spicy from the island of Morita to prevent him from pursuing the his daughter, Princess Mariposa. Once banished, Spicy Cricket fled to Mexico where he met a true amigo named Estaban, the Mexican dung beetle. Enjoying cervezas at the local cantina, Spicy hears of his father’s recent death and realizes he must return to Morita to avenge his father’s honor. Little does he know that Prince Luis of snail island will be waiting for him. Firelight flickers across Spicy Cricket’s face as he tells the whole tale. The sounds of the jungle fade as his words fall upon the leaves of the forest. We hitched a ride from a fisherman with a leaky boat from Mexico to Morita. I was just happy to be getting warm and dry by the fire. Spicy Cricket’s face is twisted with sorrow as he speaks…”Estaban, my good friend, I must tell you everything before daylight.” I waited for Spicy’s words patiently. As he paused, a howl comes from the jungle and sent a shiver up my spine. I showed no fear in my eyes being the tough Mexican dung beetle I am. The worst was yet to come…

  • Spicy CricketSpicy Saltamonte
    Spy-cee Salt-A-mon-tay
    A.K.A. Spicy Cricket
    Occupation: Dancer
  • MariposaMaria Mariposa
    Ma-ree-A Ma-ree-Po-sah
    A.K.A. Princess Mariposa
    Occupation: Princess Of Morita
  • Prince Luis


    Prince Luis Libelula
    Loo-eez Li-bay-loo-la
    A.K.A. “The Crawler”
    Occupation: Ruler of El Caracol Island

  • King Pedro


    King Pedro Pollila
    Pa-droh Po-li-ya
    A.K.A. King Pedro
    Occupation: King Of Morita

  • EstabanEsteban Escarabajo
    Es-TA-ban Es-kara-BA-hO
    A.K.A. El Este Excremento
    Occupation: Booka Brew Bootlegger
  • La BrujaLa Bruja
    A.K.A. The Witch
    Occupation: Fortuneteller/Priestess